Local Government Development Value

The potential project value for local government on a national scale is significant. South Africa currently has only 5 registered CDM registered projects and no registered landfill gas projects – albeit that Ekurhuleni, Joburg and Cape Town have made good progress.

EThekwini’s experience and technical capacity could be channelled to other municipal entities throughout South Africa and eThekwini’s professional team could provide assistance to key project staff. Indeed the high costs for consultants, feasibility studies, contract design and documentation could be significantly reduced.

There is much funding awaiting injection into African CDM projects, but to date very little to nothing has been tied up to project agreements. The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), which sets out a VISION and STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK FOR AFRICA’s RENEWAL, offers a most useful instrument to launch CDM projects on the African continent.

Through the NEPAD initiative, the City of Durban (eThekwini Municipality) has been approached for their CDM technical assistance to initiate projects in several other African states in particular Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya and Mauritius.